Neuro-Balance Therapy Reviews

Neuro-Balance Therapy Reviews

Neuro-Balance Therapy Reviews: Is It Legit? [Hidden Facts]

Each year, more than 2.8 million individuals fall. Others may sustain fatal injuries, despite the fact that hospitalization is the norm. Seeing our loved ones in the hospital is unquestionably a tragic occurrence.

Thankfully, Chris Wilson took the initiative to discover a solution to this situation. He invented Neuro-Balance Therapy, a few minutes of balance-improving exercise.

Neuro-Balance Treatment is a therapy program that develops endurance and strength to avoid harmful trips and falls. The Neuro-Balance Therapy program is really simple to follow, and only a few minutes of daily practice is sufficient to restore your strength and balance.

The Neuro-Balance Therapy technique is a comprehensive program for eliminating anxiety by improving balance and strengthening nerves in the feet with a 10-second fall-prevention routine. It mostly affects persons with balance issues, diminishing their quality of life and potentially restricting their freedom.

Many individuals attempt to fix their balance issues with workouts or pharmaceuticals but usually wind up making the condition worse. Others, however, may not take their situation seriously and continue to rely on others even for simple chores like going to the restroom or carrying goods.

You may enhance your balance and stability by doing a simple, fall-proof, and sweat-free routine while watching television or using your computer. Do you believe this? This is the purpose of Chris Wilson’s Neuro-Balance Therapy approach.

Learn how you and your loved ones may avoid tragic injuries by doing this easy technique to regain balance.

Here is all the information you need regarding this system.

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Product Name:Neuro-Balance Therapy
Main Benefit:Activates Sleeping Nerve In Foot To Improve Balance
Specification:Digital and Physical Products
Author:Chris Wilson
Price:From $47
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What To Know About Neuro-Balance Therapy System?

It is typical to be pardoned for feeling a bit fragile and wobbly when standing as you age. These problems have nothing to do with the age of our bodies. The nerve in the foot, according to the creators of Neuro-Balance Therapy, is responsible for all of these falls.

Users learn how to complete a few minutes of daily routine with a little knobby ball as part of Neuro-Balance Therapy. Contrary to appearances, however, the exercise may do wonders in terms of boosting their stability and strength regardless of their age, as well as revitalizing their nerves.

The procedure is effective for everyone, regardless of age, weight, or intensity of daily discomfort, even those who are bedridden. Regardless of how closely your imbalance is tied to your prescription medication use, the treatment may still be useful. Additionally, Neuro-Equilibrium Therapy employs procedures that enable individuals to walk on any surface without embarrassingly losing their balance.

Over 100,000 individuals have utilized this treatment to heal their instability concerns and develop the skill of modifying a specific muscle and nerve. There have been substantial good outcomes. On Neuro-Balance Therapy’s website, you may browse the countless favorable evaluations that have been written about the program. The majority of participants reported feeling more steady and balanced after the second week of training.

Poor balance and stability are immensely aggravating since they make it hard for a person to stand on their own, and most individuals accept their predicament because they believe it is an inevitable consequence of aging and stay reliant on others for the remainder of their lives.

Many individuals feel that over-the-counter medications may address their condition, however, these medications only provide short relief. As soon as a person resumes his normal activities, the issue reappears.

The Neuro-Balance Therapy system is a DVD program (also available for download) that teaches individuals how to overcome their balance and stability issues by doing a 10-second sweat-free exercise while watching television or using a computer.

However, this mechanism for enhancing equilibrium is considerably more than that.

The Neuro-Balance Therapy system provides information, instructions, exercises, and advice for strengthening your feet and overcoming your phobia of balance. In addition, it has a spike ball that may stimulate dead nerves in the foot.

The nicest aspect of the show is that DVD and digital versions are available. In addition, it is a risk-free method designed by a Certified Balance Specialist, so you will not spend your time with it.

This program will provide you with the knowledge that will lessen your balance issues and enhance your general health. There are no limits, and anyone of any age or gender may effectively use this program to better their position and gain independence.

Neuro-Balance Therapy Reviews

How Neural-Balance Therapy Works?

Stimulating the peroneal nerve in the legs, Neuro-Balance Therapy improves and strengthens foot muscle function. These exercises focus on the nerves in the feet, which improves balance and stability by building a strong mental-physical link.

By doing these motions with a spike ball for 10 seconds each morning, you may stimulate nerves in your feet that are not being utilized. Typically, 15 to 29 days are required to see the results of these therapeutic activities and rituals. However, individual circumstances may differ.

You may do these workouts anywhere whether watching television, playing video games, or using your phone. After a period of time doing this program, the foot muscles become strong enough for outside leisure activities such as running.

The exercises and stretches employed in this treatment may be performed at home by anybody. And the greatest thing is that neither a gym membership nor a personal trainer will be required.

By doing these stretches, individuals may improve their walking and running agility. These exercises improve your balance, strengthen your feet, and eliminate your fear of sliding or falling. These activities improve your posture by strengthening and increasing the flexibility of your muscles as you lay, sit, or stand.

Regarding Chris Wilson (Product Creator)

Chris Wilson is the creative brain of the Neuro-Balance Therapy technology. He has a distinguished reputation in the United States as a certified balance expert. Chris is not a doctor, but he has vast expertise in helping people overcome their fear of falling and improve their balance.

The invention of this technique was inspired by the narrative of one of his customers, MaryAnne. MaryAnne became lost in the dense forest where dangerous creatures roamed. According to her, Chris Wilson’s 10-minute routine saved her life in a near-death emergency.

Chris conducted more studies and tests to ensure that MaryAnne’s miraculous recovery was not due to chance. He built a spike ball with nerve-awakening technology and delivered it to one hundred men and women over the age of 60 who had balance issues. Additionally, he instructed them to do a 10-minute ritual with the spike ball for two weeks.

After two weeks, 96% of these men and women reported feeling stronger in their feet and having improved mobility. In only two weeks, these men and women overcome their fear of falling.

With the Neuro-Balance Therapy system, you may now strengthen your feet, increase your mobility, and resume a joyful life.

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What You Will Get In The Neuro-Balance Therapy Program?

Numerous triggers, causes, and reasons may result in imbalance and instability disorders. Occasionally, balance issues are caused by underlying medical diseases. All of the exercises included in the Neuro-Balance treatment program address a variety of balance issues.

It is almost hard to determine the source of a balance issue since all balance issues seem identical. Chris Wilson, however, is a trained balance expert with years of experience assisting customers in enhancing their balance and stability.

When you purchase Neuro-Balance Therapy, you will get the following:

🔸 Neuro-Balance Therapy DVD:

This DVD has simple workouts and routines that may be performed while watching television or using a computer. You may do these basic exercises even if you have never been to a gym before. In summary, no expert assistance is required to complete these workouts.

All of the instructions on this DVD were developed by an expert with years of expertise in balance and stability.

The nice part about these easy exercises is that they can be performed by beginners, intermediates, and advanced athletes alike. These exercises will strengthen your foot, enhance nerve function, and eradicate your fear of falling.

These exercises will enhance the stability and mobility of the lower body. To get the most benefit from these exercises, you must execute them often.

🔸 Nerve Wakeup Spike Ball:

In addition to the DVD, you will also get a spike ball. This ball is not a standard rubber ball; rather, it is made using nerve-awakening technology.

Each spike on the ball is strong enough to stimulate the dead nerve in your feet, causing you to lose your balance or fall.

This ball is composed of a crystalline substance that gives long-lasting durability. It induces calming feelings throughout the body.

According to the official website, after a few weeks, any user who uses this ball to perform the DVD’s workouts would feel remarkable improvements in their feet.

What are exercises for neuro balance therapy?

Chris Wilson designed Neuro-Balance Therapy for individuals of all fitness levels, therefore he categorized the exercises into three tiers.

Here is a concise summary of these levels:

Beginner Level:

This level was prepared by Chris Wilson for novices or anybody beginning this program for the first time. This segment/level has 10-foot nerve-stimulating exercises.

This level also includes basic motions and other recommendations, such as why certain exercises should be performed barefoot.

Intermediate Level:

The intermediate level is intended for individuals who are familiar with the exercises at the beginning level. This intermediate level also incorporates a 10-minute routine, which includes a 1-minute spike ball exercise.

In addition, this level includes complicated exercises designed to develop muscles and enhance stability and balance. You will also get various ideas, such as alternative exercises to utilize if you sense you are about to fall.

Advanced Level:

If they have mastered level 2’s exercises, users may go to this last and advanced level.

This level comprises more difficult workouts than previous levels since they enhance your balance, stability, and strength while preventing you from falling.

In addition to the DVD and Nerve-Wakeup spike ball, you will get two more free goodies.

Neuro-Balance Therapy Reviews

Scientific Outlook On Neuro-Balance Therapy

Multiple research undertaken in the past has shown that there should be multiple objectives for fall prevention rather than just one.

According to the Harvard Medical School, one older person is treated for a fall every eleven seconds in the United States. The number continues to rise. In addition, they recommend cures.

In addition to strengthening weak muscles, experts advised engaging in daily activity and undergoing routine eye and hearing exams.

Keeping this in mind, the Neuro-Balance Theory will aid you in engaging your body to exercise appropriately, as well as keeping your mind busy.

What Should Be Avoided When Using Neuro-Balance Therapy?

Neuro-Balance Therapy was created after analyzing all market-available goods and treatments. But the creators were uncertain that it would succeed.

Medical professionals and people are unaware that aging is not the primary cause of falling. Every year, millions of people would die from falls alone. The designers have seen several instances in which elderly individuals have successfully recovered their balance and stability.

Even then, they ensured that they were not exposed to the frequent errors that individuals make in order to avoid falls. Here are the top two errors:

🔸 Overuse Of Fall Prevention Products:

As a result of the market’s abundance of items, consumers acquire and use them without thought or consultation. Overuse of balancing exercises, stability balls, and Bosu balls may create serious problems since they first weaken and then strengthen your ligaments and muscles.

🔸 Wearing Shoes For Longer Hours:

Numerous nerve endings in our feet transmit messages to our brains to modify and maintain balance based on the terrain we walk on. Now, a lifetime of shoe usage has harmed these nerve endings, making it harder for the brain to comprehend and respond in old age. And beginning to walk barefoot will not resolve this issue.

How To Use Neuro-Balance Therapy?

Researchers discovered a Kenyan community in which elderly men and women were able to travel alongside younger members for hunting and water collection. They were always barefoot.

Now, despite the fact that their feet were tough to look at from the outside, the insides were shocking. However, going barefoot seems impractical and ineffective.

Neuro-Balance Therapy provides a unique rubber ball with sharp spikes. It is composed of crystal particles that assist to relax nerve endings and keep you cool.

You just need to massage this fall on your feet in a certain way for ten seconds each morning. You may progressively lengthen the duration.

This procedure will stimulate your sleeping nerves. Once the peroneal nerve is stimulated, the alterations in your feet will become apparent.

You will be able to feel your toes, and standing will make you feel stronger. This practice may be supplemented with exercise and frequent vision and hearing exams since these factors can also contribute to falls.

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Benefits of Neuro-Balance Therapy Program:

Neuro-Balance Therapy offers a number of advantages. It targets your sleeping nerves and delivers the most effective outcomes ever. This virtual treatment does not need any particular equipment or visits to your physician, fitness instructor, or physical therapist, since it is not traditional therapy or yoga.

Neuro-Balance Therapy is wholly natural, gives a speedier road to being fall-proof, and is absolutely safe in comparison to other therapies. In addition, there are no potentially harmful life-altering procedures or rehabilitation therapies.

You may do the workouts while unwinding at home since they are so easy to perform. This may help you overcome worry and fear, giving you more energy and making your life more fulfilling. You may now enjoy various outdoor trails without fear of falling!

Another advantage of Neuro-Balance Therapy is that its effects are readily apparent. Users will notice and feel the improvements within the first two weeks. Consequently, it is becoming feasible and more affordable to help revive the dead nerves in the foot.

It prevents fatigue and aids in the development of a stronger body.

Pros of Neuro-Balance Therapy Program:

  • Detailed instructions for repairing the peroneal nerve

  • Describes straightforward techniques and processes for repairing and stabilizing the link between the body and the mind.

  • A basic 10-second exercise that focuses on muscle development and nerve healing.

  • No specialist equipment is required

  • It may be completed at work or at home; it is straightforward.

  • It is safe since it is taught by a certified professional.
  • The full video program is far less costly than hiring a professional and produces superior results for a little investment. However, you will get the same benefits and results by receiving proper medical treatment.
Neuro Balance Therapy Reviews

Cons of Neuro-Balance Therapy Program:

  • Exclusively available through the Neuro-Balance Therapy website.

  • Unobtainable through any other route

  • Only digitally used

  • Continuous observance of the procedures is necessary for desired outcomes.

What Are Customers Saying About Neuro-Balance Therapy Program?

I solicited comments on the Neuro-Balance Therapy program in several Facebook Groups and Reddit Communities (subreddits), and five participants shared their candid opinion:

Lynn from New Mexico mentioned:

I lost my footing and tumbled down the steps. After a month of viewing these videos and doing the exercises, I am gradually regaining my confidence as I feel more stable doing the things I formerly did. These Neuro-Balance Therapy activities save lives.”

Patsy from Canada mentioned:

“I bought this software as a result of balance issues. I was astounded by how meticulously the exercises were designed to ensure that anybody, even wheelchair users, could complete them. I began gently and adhered to its suggestions and changes.

The daily regimen requires just 10 minutes. These Neuro-Balance Therapy exercises enhance flexibility, balance, and strength.”

Margie from New York commented:

This software works with you and describes each workout in detail. I was suffering from the long-term effects of an inflammatory condition, and these spike ball workouts helped me return to a regular walking pace. These drills are UNBELIEVABLE.

The Neuro-Balance Therapy curriculum is well-structured. If you have a physical condition that prevents you from conducting original workouts, it demonstrates a variety of alternatives you may employ. It also provides a comprehensive description of stretching exercises.

The videos are a tremendous resource for learning how to execute each exercise.”

California resident Parker mentioned:

“I adore these workouts. I fractured my hip while falling, and these workouts are identical to those prescribed by my therapist during recovery. Now that these workouts are in my possession, I shall not forget them.

I do these exercises with my 40-year-old daughter, who has CPA and has twice-weekly treatment. We like doing these workouts three times a week. My daughter has lately placed an order for more copies of Neuro-Balance Therapy to distribute to her classmates. ”

Debra from Orlando Said:

“I am a senior with balance issues. Home practice of these Neuro-Balance Therapy activities is simple. Every exercise and its recommended repetition count are described in detail.

These workouts with a spike ball have improved my equilibrium. Now I am certain that I will not fall, and I walk with less instability. Definitely! I advocate for Neuro-Balance Therapy.”

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Why Neuro-Balance Therapy Is Effective?

Neuro-Balance Therapy includes all tools, advice, and strategies to assist users in activating the dormant peroneal nerve in their feet and developing a strong sense of stability and balance. In addition, it provides several benefits that distinguish it from other balance training regimens.

Here are a few factors that contribute to the effectiveness of Neuro-Balance Therapy:

Created By Professionals

Chris Wilson is a trained balance expert with years of experience working with and assisting individuals with balance-strengthening activities to overcome their balance concerns. In addition, Chris and his colleagues meticulously constructed these workouts after reviewing several papers from major colleges.

Easily Available

Within two to three business days, Neuro-Balance Therapy will mail you a DVD including all of the exercise videos, as well as a nerve-awakening spike ball. Additionally, Chris gives online access to the training, allowing you to begin instantly.

Comes At A Reasonable Cost

Neuro-Balance Therapy is priced affordably in comparison to therapist costs so that a large number of individuals may purchase and use it to treat balance disorders. In addition, this program has a one-time fee, so you do not have to worry about regular payments.

Supported By Customers Who Have Been Verified

As stated before, I solicited comments on this show through several social media sites. Five prior customers who utilized these workouts to solve their balance issues provided favorable feedback. In addition, I received no unfavorable comments from this program’s users.

Featuring a Money-Back Guarantee:

Neuro-Balance Therapy comes with a sixty-day money-back guarantee. If you are dissatisfied with the program, you may request a refund. You will get a refund within two to three business days.

Is Neuro-Balance Therapy Scam or Legit?

The majority of individuals desire to discover whether Neuro-Balance Therapy is a fraud or not. The answer is that this software is legitimate.

Chris Wilson has given a money-back guarantee so that anyone may try these activities without fear of losing money.

Additionally, Chris Wilson is a trained balance expert with years of experience assisting customers in overcoming balance issues. He used his experience and skills to design this software so that it is accessible to everyone, even those with hectic job schedules.

Neuro-Balance Therapy is an understandable and straightforward approach. You will learn every tool, tip, and method that activates the dormant peroneal nerve in the foot and increases stability and strength.

Chris Wilson has also included his email address so that users of this software may contact him with any queries they may have about the approaches presented in this program.

Where Can I Buy Neuro-Balance Therapy?

On their website, Neuro-Balance Therapy is offered for sale. When visiting the official website, you will be able to choose between two packages:

🔸 First Package Option: 

It simply grants you immediate access to the digital version of the program. Not included are the DVD and the Spike Ball. This $97 software is available for $37.

Get a copy of the Neuro-Balance Therapy Review in digital format.

🔸 Second Package Option:

You will get a tangible copy of Neuro-Balance Therapy consisting of a DVD and Spike Ball. A digital version of the program that may be downloaded instantaneously. At a price reduction from $97 to $47.

Purchase a digital and physical copy of Neuro-Balance Therapy, which includes the DVD and spike ball.

Please bear in mind while placing your purchase that this is a one-time payment. There are no hidden or ongoing costs. Purchase it on the official website or by clicking the button link below before the deal expires. offers a 60-day refund policy. Chris won’t question you if it doesn’t work for you.

Chris advised against using any other spike ball. This crystal spike ball offered durability. It is intended to stimulate your dormant foot nerve and keep you calm.

Neuro-Balance Therapy Free Bonuses:

Neuro-Balance Therapy comes with these two bonuses:

🔸 Bonus #1 – Fool-Proof Your Home:

This brief paper was written by Chris Wilson to help you make your house more secure. This brief paper provides twenty recommendations and tactics for ensuring your safety, whether you live alone or with others.

People like this 20-item checklist because it enables them to live worry-free lives in their own houses.

🔸 Bonus #2 – Neuro-Balance Therapy Program Online Access:

In addition to the DVD and Nerve-Wakeup spike ball, you will have access to a members-only area where you may view and download films to your PC or laptop.

The members-only section also provides PDFs for those who prefer to read rather than watch videos. These are brief PDFs; you may print them and read them offline without worrying about internet speed.

Therefore, with this online access, you may learn about the peroneal nerve and begin these balance-strengthening exercises without having to wait for the actual product to arrive.

What Happens If This Program Fails To Help?

The likelihood of failing this program is rather minimal since the exercises were designed by the individual treating his customers’ balance and stability issues.

You may request a refund if this software fails to give results or if you don’t like it for any reason. As stated before, all Neuro-Balance Therapy packages have a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Ensure you submit your refund request within this time frame; else, the firm will deny your request. After your refund request has been approved, you will get the whole amount within five business days.

Best Points About The Neuro-Balance Therapy Program:

Here are a few features of the application that make it worthwhile to test:

This technique employs a natural and effective method to address balance issues. No particular gadget or equipment is required to execute these workouts. In addition, neither a gym membership nor expert assistance is required to do these exercises.

This program may help you discontinue the use of over-the-counter medications and painkillers. The overconsumption of these medications will ruin your stomach lining and weaken your immune system, hence raising your chance of contracting serious infections.

All of these exercises are dry, so you can practice them at the workplace, during meetings, or while watching your favorite television program.

These exercises may strengthen your feet, reduce abdominal fat, improve your posture, and make it easier for you to walk independently.

There is no use restriction for these exercises. Even if you do not have balance difficulties, you may continue to use a spike ball to calm your emotions. These activities have no negative consequences.

Neuro Balance Therapy Reviews


  • What Is Brain Fog?

The sensation of being mentally or physically weary and having difficulties focusing is referred to as brain fog. Multiple variables, including stress, poor food, lack of sleep, over-exercising, hormone imbalances, and others, may contribute to its development.

  • Why Do I Have The Constant Fear Of Falling?

The continuous dread of falling may be the result of previous falls or injuries. If you have had an accident or fall in the past, it may lead your brain to become excessively cautious while walking or standing.

  • What Is Fall Prevention?

Prevention of falls is a method for preventing falls and injuries. This includes avoiding drowsy drugs, engaging in regular exercise, wearing appropriate footwear, and adopting excellent posture when sitting at work.

  • How Can I Prevent Falls?

You may prevent falls by adopting preventative measures. For instance, if you are prone to tripping on stairs, take the time to search for handrails before ascending or descending. Also, walk gently and carefully to avoid tripping.

In addition, you should wear shoes that fit correctly and are durable enough to safeguard your feet from any possible dangers. Additionally, you should maintain proper posture when working at your workstation. Lastly, if you feel as if you could fall, get assistance quickly.

  • Can A Doctor Help Me With My Memory Loss?

Yes! There are several methods by which physicians might assist individuals with memory loss. Cognitive therapy is an approach that teaches patients how to better control their symptoms. Antidepressant medications are another possibility.

  • Can Preventing Falls Help My Memory?

Yes! According to research, older adults who practice fall prevention methods such as those listed above are less likely to have memory issues.

  • Can Fall Prevention Be Done At Home?

Yes! While there are no home treatments for avoiding falls, you may lower your chance of falling by taking some measures. These consist of:

  • Avoid drugs that induce sleepiness
  • Get regular exercise
  • Wear the right footwear
  • Maintain proper posture when seated
  • Take breaks every 30 minutes
  • Walk gently and cautiously
  • Check for handrails before ascending the stairs.
  • Is Fall Prevention Important?

Absolutely! According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), over one-third of older persons fall each year. In fact, over half of all fatal falls occur in those aged 65 and older. Moreover, fall prevention programs may help seniors remain independent and safe for longer.

  • Exist further methods to keep seniors safe and independent for longer?
  • Yes! Here are some more safety and independence considerations for older adults:
  • Ensure you have a contingency plan in place.
  • Consult your physician about your concerns
  • Utilize auxiliary aids such as grab bars
  • Remain physically active
  • Consume healthy foods
  • Exercise regularly
  • Maintain an optimistic attitude
  • Don’t smoke

Final Verdict – Should I Or Should I Not Buy Neuro-Balance Therapy?

If you’re ready to spend over a grand on visits to chiropractors, physiotherapists, and surgeons, I would advise you to stop!

Neuro-Balance Therapy is an easy-to-use tool that is accessible to everyone, and it works regardless of your condition or if you are bedridden.

This package features an all-inclusive kit that may keep you standing tall and powerful when on your feet. The product is of high quality, and customers are pleased to utilize it instead of seeing physicians and using prescriptions.

So without further ado, do this 10-second routine to assist your family or loved ones regain their confidence and strength, and watch their lives transform irrevocably.

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NeuroBalance Therapy Reviews

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