Female Vitality Blueprint Reviews

Female Vitality Blueprint Reviews

Female Vitality Blueprint Reviews

Since the beginning of time, women have been misled into believing that achieving orgasm is a hit-or-miss proposition and that they must accept this as their destiny. For most women, having sex is a burden and a difficult process that turns into an unpleasant and disappointing event in their life.

Even the statistics back this up! The Female Vitality Blueprint program now dispels this misconception and provides women not only the ability to experience both clitoral and vaginal orgasms, but also to improve digestion, enhance metabolism, and reduce weight.

According to NCBI research, around 26.7 percent of premenopausal women had poor sexual desire, while approximately 52.4 percent of menopausal women have low sexual desire.

The saddest aspect is that women are socialized to accept this as their destiny and not say anything in public.

Women have been embarrassed so much that it’s become common knowledge that males orgasm swiftly and women cannot orgasm without effort. So many women have adopted it as their religion that 70% of women of all ages never experience orgasm.

Women, however, may orgasm just as easily as males, according to new research. Female orgasm dysfunction is an underlying illness that causes millions of women to lose interest in sex and never attain climax, according to a stunning turn of events.

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What is the Female Vitality Blueprint?

Alex Miller, a fitness trainer, and pelvic health specialist created the Female Vitality Blueprint. She has assisted hundreds of women all over the world in staying healthy and active while conquering obstacles.

Because she was a sufferer of female orgasm dysfunction, Alex devised a Female Vitality Blueprint for women. When her baby was born, she had trouble attaining climax and assumed something was wrong with her.

She began to avoid intimacy, putting strain on her marriage with her spouse. That is when she devised the Female Vitality Blueprint Program for women.

Female Vigor Blueprint is a DVD packed with simple principles to help women discover pleasure, vitality, and healthy sexual life. The information is trusted and endorsed by doctors, midwives, and personal trainers.

There are 3 steps to consider the Female Vitality Blueprint product:

The second chapter shows you how to conduct effective Kegels to strengthen your vaginal wall. This will aid in the strengthening of your vaginal muscles and the elimination of other issues such as a leaky bladder, a soft pelvic floor, and weak vaginal walls.

Chapter 3 will concentrate on strengthening and stabilizing your core muscles while increasing blood flow downtown, resulting in enhanced sensitivity. It also aids in the reduction of tummy fat.

The exercise works wonders for achieving a toned and tighter vagina as well as reducing vaginal dryness. It also improves your mood and revitalizes your body for the rest of the day. Chapter 5 will tell you about the three-movement sequences you may practice in your restroom at the start of the day.

How does the Vitality Blueprint Work?

There are several treatments available on the market to treat male erectile dysfunction or other issues. However, we seldom come across a legitimate product for female orgasm dysfunction. Female Vitality Blueprint is the one thing that has improved so many people’s lives by restoring women’s libido.

You can see here how The Female Vitality Blueprint actually works:

A scientific issue entrenched deep in tight muscles causes female orgasm dysfunction. The misalignment of these muscles cuts off the blood flow to vital hormones and the pleasure center in women, which is responsible for sexual desire.

According to Alex Miller, a tight muscle in the upper body around the shoulders and neck causes a form of obstruction to the female pleasure center, resulting in reduced sensitivity in the vaginal region.

Alex demonstrates a range of exercises and mild stretches in the Female Vitality Blueprint that help heal strained pelvic floor muscles, give you a flat tummy, and restore blood flow and sensitivity to the vaginal region.

Alex refers to this as a later syndrome since it leads women to gain weight in their tummies despite exercising and controlling what they eat. All of the above-mentioned gender issues are intertwined. With the Female Vitality Blueprint’s sequence of exercises and stretches, women may heal these issues while increasing their libido and enjoying earth-shattering orgasms like never before.

What root cause does the Female Vitality Blueprint aim to defeat?

Layer syndrome, a disorder that combines upper (UCS) and lower crossing syndromes, is one of the fundamental reasons for orgasmic dysfunction (LCS). Beginning with UCS, patients with this condition are said to have rounded shoulders and a bent-forward neck, which puts tension on the surrounding joints, bones, muscles, and tendons, according to one source [2]. LCS, on the other hand, is caused by muscular strength imbalances, which eventually lead to stiffness of the hip flexors and lumbar extensors, as well as weakening of the deep abdominal muscles [3].

What effect do the two disorders have on female sexual health? Alex elaborated on the condition’s capacity to induce vaginal muscle dormancy. Furthermore, she emphasized how the vaginal muscles are an important component of the pelvic floor. Its absence is claimed to make urinating, passing feces, and/or experiencing pleasure feelings difficult. She was more specific:

“When these muscles aren’t working properly, it’s hard to attain the levels of sensitivity and contraction required for an orgasm [and] that’s why it’s critical you start practicing my most popular upper body method, which promotes healthy alignment and cures any chronic layer problem.”

How has the Female Vitality Blueprint been structured?

The Female Vitality Blueprint is designed to educate women on how to feel more open and aroused while correcting posture, reactivating libido levels, and restoring the diastasis recti to its normal-narrow shape. It also digs into a variety of exercises that improve natural deep breathing patterns, physical comfort, and enthusiasm in lovemaking. She included bed stretches, private stretches, stretches at the workplace, and stretches particularly designed for flexible persons among the variety.

Taking everything into consideration, the following is a glimpse of the learning opportunity presented.

  1. How to Perform a Proper Kegel Exercise to Strengthen a Weak Vaginal Canal
  2. How to properly strengthen and repair the core in order to improve sensation and blood flow
  3. How using a 3-step exercise sequence results in a tighter and toned vagina, decreased vaginal dryness, and enhanced sexual desire
  4. How to Execute the 30-Second Upper Body Alignment Technique Successfully
  5. How to relax a tight muscle in the neck and shoulders that is creating layer syndrome in the core.

Benefits of the Female Vitality Blueprint

we Introduce you to the various body workouts.

The Female Vitality Blueprint Program is a physical training program that incorporates a variety of body activities. Each is designed to be handled in a certain way and to target a distinct section of the body.

  • It is beneficial to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles.

The major reason you may be having sexual dysfunction is due to the functioning of your pelvic floor muscles; this is why the program includes several exercises that aid in making your pelvis strong via Kegels and stretches. Through the program, you are coached on how to correctly do Kegels and notice a good transformation that improves your pelvic muscles.

  • It aids in the treatment of various underlying female reproductive issues.

A leaky bladder is always the source of leaks and other female health problems. Women are more vulnerable if the condition is not addressed shortly after delivery.

Features of the Female Vitality Blueprint

The Female Vitality Blueprint comes with the following extra attachments:

  • Female Vitality Blueprint informational handbook

Aside from the basic stuff in the movie, the manual has a wealth of knowledge. The guidebook instructs the user on how to naturally repair layer syndrome, enhance vaginal sensitivity, increase blood flow, flatten your tummy, and treat diastasis recti.

  • Vaginal rejuvenation method

This bonus program includes a whole regimen supplemented with vaginal toning exercises. The workouts assist to increase the appearance of your vagina as well as flattening your waist.

  • How to have a vaginal orgasm handbook.

Because the vaginal muscles are now tight and capable, this training will assist you in learning how to contract and relax them.

  • Enhancer of libido hormones

The breathing exercise is designed to cause your body to produce chemicals that boost your libido. Even during sexual activity, the breathing technique can be used.

Is the Female Vitality Blueprint Program the right fit for you?

The Female Vitality Blueprint is a workout program designed for women who desire to enhance their sexual health. The program has no age restrictions, so you may begin the fitness program at any time.

What does the Female Vitality Program Contain?

The Female Vitality Program offers a safe and effective way for women to have strong orgasms and eliminate urine incontinence.

This treatment restores libido by addressing the root cause of female orgasm dysfunction.

The application corrects Layer Syndrome in the abdomen. It includes important information, exercises, and advice for reducing vaginal dryness, tightening vaginal walls, and preventing bladder leakage.

It reveals the secrets of vaginal rejuvenation and how to increase sensitivity. The plan also includes important information on how to improve posture, reduce worry and tension by teaching women how to breathe properly, and improve the body’s general health.

The Female Vitality Program contains the following information:

  • The proper way to perform Kegels
  • Techniques for Belly Flattening
  • A pelvic floor strengthening movement sequence may be done in the restroom.
  • How to Stop Leaking Right Away

How to Follow the Female Vitality Blueprint?

The Female Vitality Blueprint is a simple program for all women 18 and older, regardless of physical condition. Even if they do not give birth or have a C-section, all women may benefit from the advice.

The major purpose of this blueprint is to inspire women to have a fulfilled life by giving them the knowledge they need to enjoy sex and avoid leakage problems.

Women who follow this plan have increased vaginal sensitivity and blood flow since the method is meant to assist females to repair diastasis recti and increase their desire for sexual intercourse.

Although this program is safe and beneficial for all women, it is advised for those over the age of 30. The application offers changes to tailor the plan for women aged 60 and above, as well as ladies with limited mobility.

It is suggested that you follow the regimen on a daily basis for best results. It takes less than three minutes to complete, and consistency is the key to success.

Why Should You Select the Female Vitality Blueprint Right Now?

If you’re not experiencing orgasm and are feeling unhappy, disappointed, and ashamed, the Female Vitality Blueprint is a fantastic alternative.

The therapy is specially intended to treat the underlying cause of orgasm dysfunction and urine incontinence.

It’s an easy-to-follow program designed to help women reclaim their lives. The regimen is short and simple, fitting in with your hectic schedule.

Is Female Vitality BluePrint Legit?

Alex Miller has worked with thousands of women all across the world. She has appeared in some of the most prestigious fitness studios, publications, and podcasts. Alex Miller uses numerous major social media platforms to promote women’s health.

Not only that, but the Female Vitality Blueprint has received rave reviews from several women who have shared with us how the program has altered their lives. One user said that the female vitality blueprint assisted her in resolving a variety of difficulties, including bladder troubles, pelvic discomfort, and sex anxiety. She enjoyed sex again, which improved her connection with her spouse.

All of the evaluations and testimonies lead us to believe that the Female Vitality Blueprint is a genuine program for revitalizing women’s sexual life.

Female Vitality BluePrint Reviews

Users who consistently follow this plan gain confidence as they regain their health.

This approach may help you improve vaginal sensitivity and blood flow. It also improves diastasis recti, increases sex urges, reduces urine incontinence, and makes sexual intercourse more pleasurable.

The program has a 60-day money-back guarantee, making it a risk-free purchase.

After placing your purchase, you will get immediate access to the whole blueprint, allowing you to begin transforming your life right now.

“I began having orgasms, and I felt better about my physique.” I’m pleased with my sex desire – in fact, I now have a sex drive!”

– Patricia,

“I didn’t feel confident or attractive, and I didn’t have a libido.” Everything was running through my head! That was the turning point because I received clarity as a result of the training. 

My intellect altered as well, as I was able to explore my body. I simply don’t think the same way I used to.

I began having orgasms and I’m feeling better about my physique. I’m pleased with my sex desire — in fact, I now have a sex drive!

Everything began to fall into place for me, and then I met another partner with whom I am quite pleased.”

— Julie, age 47

“Just remember that you are not alone and that these are difficulties that can be overcome.”

“I’m eternally thankful for Alex’s program!” Words can’t even express my previous scenario, which was fraught with a lot of tension and worry about sex with my partner, bladder troubles, and pelvic discomfort.

It was simply a bunch of issues that I was facing, and Alex has truly helped me alter my life in such a short amount of time with such a basic program!

I wholeheartedly suggest it to anybody dealing with similar concerns. Just remember that you are not alone and that these are difficulties that can be overcome.”

Purchasing Access to Female Vitality Blueprint

Customers would normally have to spend $150 to have access to the Female Vitality Blueprint. The developers, though, have reduced the price to $37. After paying the charge, the user will have access to all digital material.

Assume the user discovers that they are unable to get the desired outcomes when following the Female Vitality Blueprint’s instructions. In such a situation, customers are entitled to a refund within 60 days after purchase.

Bonus Content

All Female Vitality Blueprint orders will be accompanied by five incentives. An overview of each one’s impact on female sexual health is provided below:

  • Bonus #1. Female Vitality Blueprint Informational Handbook

This educational guide offers the same content as the video. This guidebook, on the other hand, is ideal for ladies who like printed guides. Alex included instructions for organically repairing layer syndrome and vaginal discomfort. The potential of a handbook to encourage record keeping is one of its benefits. A page has been dedicated to a diastasis recti checklist, which may be used to monitor one’s progress during the program.

  • Bonus #2. Vaginal Rejuvenation Method

Alex’s preferred vaginal toning exercises are included in the Vaginal Rejuvenation Method, a 10-minute fast start video regimen. Aside from shaping the vagina, these motions have the ability to cure diastasis recti and flatten the waist. This addition is essential for ladies who wish to achieve their aim of having a slender physique and a healthy pelvic floor.

  • Bonus #3. How to Have a Vaginal Orgasm

Vaginal muscles are likely to have strengthened after following the recommendations in the first two bonuses (and the main video program). It’s now time to figure out how to contract and release them during penetration. Alex hopes to expound on the procedures of obtaining penetration-only orgasms without any external stimuli in this bonus (hint: vaginal orgasms are superior to clitoral orgasms).

  • Bonus #4. Libido Hormone Enhancer

The Libido Hormone Enhancer comes up next, which is a five-minute guided breathwork audio that tries to change brain chemistry for greater libido. This method may also be used during intercourse to increase feelings.

  • Bonus #5. Back to Life – 3 Stretch Pain-Free Video by Emily Lark

Emily, who herself as America’s “top back health specialist,” noted that women who have misalignment problems also have back discomfort. Her regimen is said to contain three of her favorite at-home stretches for relieving lower back pain and sciatica, middle and upper back pain, and neck and shoulder discomfort. The following is a verbatim quote from the expert:

“This is a three-sequence stretching approach that I created over a long period of time, and it has helped hundreds of thousands of individuals of all ages get out of pain and back to life.” The greatest thing is that these three stretches may be done immediately on the floor or even in your bed, making them accessible to everyone.”

Meet Alex Miller

Alex Miller is a Vancouver, Canada-based fitness teacher and women’s health expert. To date, she has coached men and women in a variety of fitness disciplines such as pilates, prenatal and postnatal exercises, strength training, meditation, jogging, and functional movement. During this time, Alex was also assisting ladies who were suffering from pelvic floor problems. In fact, she created her first successful system, “Pelvic Floor Strong®,” by combining her education and expertise, as well as partnerships with pelvic floor physical therapists, making the Female Vitality Blueprint her second launch!

The Final Verdict 

After thoroughly researching the Female Vitality Blueprint, our editorial team concluded that it is a program designed for women (over 30 years of age) who are having difficulty achieving climax. Alex Miller prepared an instructive film that walks everyone through basic actions to avoid this problem from growing into apathy, fear, or worse, falling out of love for sexual stimulation. These are intended to progressively correct orgasmic dysfunction in women by releasing them from layer syndrome.

The concept of targeting both UCS and LCS to eradicate the aforementioned condition has been regarded as a realistic technique that may result in pelvic floor strengthening while leaving the abdominals intact. Some of the notable advantages of maybe following Alex’s guidance include improved emotional and physical wellbeing, which is as healthy as it gets. According to everything, investing $37 might result in a slew of positive effects.

Female Vitality Blueprint FAQs

  • Is there a money-back guarantee and contact information?

There is, of course. Alex is very confident in her program. As a result, she is providing a 60-day money-back guarantee. There were no questions asked! Even if you have a little issue with the software, you may return it and get a refund at any time. Simply email the team, and you will get your money returned. To contact the team, phone or send an email to:

Program Email: supportalexmillerwellness.com

Order Email: www.clkbank.com

Toll-free: 1-800-390-6035 or International: +1 208-345-4245

Please contact us through email if you have any support issues or want to seek a refund.

  • Who Can Benefit from the Female Vitality Blueprint?

This fantastic program is open to women of all ages. If you have typical female issues such as a protruding belly, a leaky bladder, and weak vaginal muscles that cause you to be dry down there, and you don’t experience any pleasure in sex, this program is for you.

  • Are There Free Bonuses with a purchase of the Female Vitality Blueprint?

Yes, when you purchase the program, you will get four incredible free extras in the form of books:

1. Female Vitality Blueprint Informational Handbook

In these books, customers will find all of the video material written down. It will assist you in determining how to naturally repair layer syndrome and increase vaginal blood flow. You will also learn proper posture, belly-flattening, and a 3-step routine.

2. Vaginal Rejuvenation Method

This is a 10-minute video workout for toning your vaginal muscles.

3. How – To Have a Vaginal Orgasm Handbook

This book will show you how to use your muscles to attain a strong orgasm while performing the deed after you have strengthened your vaginal muscles.

4. Libido Hormone Enhancer

It is a 5-minute guided breathwork audio track. To boost your libido hormones, you may do it at any time of day or night.

Emily Lark is also offering a free bonus with each purchase of her “Back to Life – Three Stretch, Pain-Free program, which has my three greatest at-home stretches to help treat lower back pain and sciatica, middle and upper back discomfort, and even neck and shoulder pain.”

  • Does this work for women who are 60 plus?

Although the program is intended for women aged 30 and above, it also works effectively for women in their sixties. The motions and exercises are tailored to the age and needs of each person.

  • If a woman had a C-section, will this program still work?

Because of the operation and the consequences of having a baby in the womb, many women who have had a C-section find it difficult to orgasm. The Female Vitality Blueprint is also beneficial to you.

  • What if customers are too busy to follow the program?

This program was created for women by a woman. That is why it is simple and fast enough to fit into your everyday routine while caring for your home and working at the workplace.

  • Does the Female Vitality Blueprint involve strenuous physical exercises?

According to the developer, there are no crunches, gym memberships, or treadmills to boost libido.

  • Where can the Female Vitality Blueprint be purchased?

The Female Vitality Blueprint is available for $37.00 on its official retail website, Clickbank.

  • Does Female Vitality Blueprint have an age limit?

This program is suitable for people of all ages.

  • How can I get my hands on the Female Vitality Blueprint Program?

You may acquire the Female Vitality Blueprint Program right now by visiting the creator’s website.

  • What if users have too much going on in their day to do this program?

That is not an issue. This program is intended for ladies who have both a lot and a little time on their hands.

  • What if the user isn’t in good enough shape or the movements?

The whole routine is built on slow, soft movements. If the activity is too tough, they may modify it to suit their ability.

  • Will this program work for someone who had their children 15+ years ago?

Yes. According to the developers, those who had their children a long time ago would benefit from the software much more than those who had their children lately.

  • Will the program work for individuals who have never been pregnant?

Yes. Though the training is aimed at women who have had children, anybody who does not have the proper muscle motions might have problems orgasming.

  • Will the user’s credit card be billed more than once?

No. There are no further costs once the consumer makes their purchase.

  • What is an abdominal canister?

The diaphragm, transverse abdominals, pelvic floor muscles, and multifidus make up the abdominal canister. Concerning the pelvic floor (i.e., the base of the core), problems in this area have been linked to decreased sexual excitement, infrequent orgasm, and dyspareunia [4]. As a result, Alex Miller intends to devote a significant amount of effort to strengthening the whole abdominal area.

  • What is an orgasm?

Orgasms occur when women attain their maximal level of sexual excitement. This is also the moment at when the whole body, including the genitals, is released from pressure. Other words for this sensation are cum (for males) and climax (for women) (for women).

In what forms of orgasmic dysfunction might layer syndrome be hidden in?

Layer syndrome may appear in four different ways. These are some examples:

  1. Primary anorgasmia: 

A condition in which women have never had orgasms.

  1. Secondary anorgasmia:

A condition in which having orgasms is difficult.

  1. Situational anorgasmia: 

A condition in which orgasms are merely temporary (i.e., oral sex, or while masturbating)

  1. General anorgasmia: 

A condition in which climax cannot be attained even when strongly stimulated.

  • Does layer syndrome lead to belly fat?

Alex believes that abdominal obesity has nothing to do with fat and metabolism and everything to do with a condition known as diastasis recti. Diastasis rectus is a separation of abdominal muscles in which tissues weaken and stretch, resulting in either a dome or gap in the abdomen (common in overweight or pregnant women). This unsightly flab may indicate that a lady has layer syndrome in the abdominal area.

  • How often should the stretches in the Female Vitality Blueprint be done?

Women are advised to begin this journey by doing the indicated stretches/exercises three to four times per week. Once a routine is established, it is possible to do it once each day. It is crucial to note that overexertion may have negative health consequences; thus, if the body requires a rest day, it should be taken!